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Click the link above and fill out the application and call 501-222-8926 to get support on the phone. $5000 dollar sign-on bonus for the right candidate. Also ask about how you can earn a commission when you hire on! Day one!

If you are looking for the biggest network of truck drivers in the USA, that help you get true feedback to what you are getting into when starting a new career in the truck driving industry. The old ways of calling a recruiter or someone biased to their company is no longer the smart thing to do. Here at The Drive United Group, we are made up of thousands of drivers that have proven the jobs that are offered. We do not jeopardize our futures any longer by stabbing in the dark when finding a career path. I mean think about it, if a recruiter or representative of a company told you that the competitor was better they would lose their job, right?

Well, check out this job!!!


  • $45/day daily rate plus .46cpm ( must work all 5 days to receive the daily rate)
  • $16/ stop (20-25 stops per week on avg)
  • $27 / lift gate stop
  • $15 / hr detention after 1 hr. Paid in 15 min increments.  ( dvr must have arrived within his delivery window to receive detention)
  • $42.50 for deliveries into NYC Boroughs.  (Long island and Staten Island are not Burrough’s)
  • $1730 wkly avg
  • $90,000 yrly avg


  • Main start times are from 0100-0330 am however the acct has flexibility to allow start time from 8pm -3:30 am and can accommodate these requests.
  • 12-14 hr shift
  • Off Split days Sunday/Wednesday or 2 days consecutive off Tuesday/Wednesday
  • 5 day work with a 6th day every 3rd week.


  • Deliver fresh and frozen groceries on a ’53,’51,’48,or’46 ft reefer tlr to supermarkets and distribution centers in  (NY – Boroughs +Long Island 80-90%), NJ, MA, VT, RI, NH, ME, PA, parts of NY upstate. DRIVERS SHOULD PLAN TO DEL IN NYC BOROUGHS DAILY.
  • NOTE:  when delivering in NYC the tlrs will be 46′ or will be pups.
  • Multi Stop loads, usually 15-20 stops per week on avg.
  • Dvrs normally do one long load per day, occasionally followed by a shorter load if hours permit.
  • Dvrs will pick up return product occasionally from stops and may need to pick up a backhaul back to the DC
  • Mostly no touch but driver Unload is required at times. So dvrs will be trained in electric pallet jack usage to help in unloading at the store.
  • Dvrs will help support other accts in the local area as needed.
  • Trucks will be slip seated. The acct will try to keep the dvrs in the same trks but they will be sharing with a dvr on an opposite shift. There is no guarantee however so the dvrs should expect to slip seat.
  • Trks cannot be taken home for toff. Dvrs Must have personal transportation to and from work daily.
  • Dvrs should understand the importance of customer service and have good customer service skills.
  • Uniforms are provided and maintained by the the acct.
  • Dvrs will train for 7-14 days after orientation. Paid $160 /day while training
  • Dvrs will work Holidays if it is their scheduled day to work unless the acct is not running that Holiday
  • Consistent work schedules
  • New 100% electric jacks for everyone.

Call the top driver network today at 501-222-8926 and get info from thousands of actual drivers that have experienced the positions we have!

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